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Frequently Asked Questions



Questions about the redirects

How can I create a redirect?
It's really easy: you just have to go to the page "Your redirects" and follow the instructions. And it's free!

What is a redirect?
A redirect is useful to provide a unique content to other users. But instead of giving a direct link to this content, you generate a page where you can also set a link to your website or an advertisement for example.

What is a VIP redirect?
It is quite the same thing as a conventional redirect but with other benefits, such as requiring the user to click on your sponsored link before he can access the content.

Questions about the campaigns

How can I create / edit a campaign?
It's really easy: you just have to go to the page "Your campaigns" and follow the instructions.

What is a campaign?
The principle of the campaign is quite the same as a sponsored link on a redirect page. Indeed, two advertisements appear on a redirect page: one for the member who has created the page and a random other one among all the active and available campaigns. The advantage is that you don't have to create any pages, and so you don't worry about the way you should promote them. It is important to clarify that a redirect page with French content, for example, will not display English ads.

How can I purchase some clicks?
A campaign is active when you have available clicks. Visit our "Ad agency" to buy some.

Miscellaneous questions

How does the sponsorship work?
The sponsorship is easy and beneficial. Every time one of your godsons purchases a VIP redirect, you get one for free. To get your referral link, go to the page "Your account".


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