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How does it work?

In fact, this is really simple: you use our service to create a free page that will redirect your users to a unique content you want to offer. On this page, you add a sponsored link (an advertisement, one of your websites...) and have the opportunity to explain why the visitor should click on it.

As there is a delay before the content becomes available and because we do not infest the redirect page with our ads, the visitor will certainly be tempted to visit your sponsored link if you have emphasized it. Here is a redirect page example.

You can create as many redirect pages as you need. If you want to avail advanced features (customize the duration of the timer, only display the content if the visitor has clicked on your sponsored link, give a name to your redirect page, etc.), you will have to opt for a VIP redirect. Here is a VIP redirect example.

Are you a webmaster?

You can advertise on at very attractive prices because our members only reap benefits from their own sponsored links. So this ensures there is no incentive to click and offers you a cost per click at only $0.10.

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